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Arts and Crafts with PPIS 1 Childcare Centre

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Arts and Crafts with PPIS 1 Childcare Centre

For season 1 and 2, our group had an amazing experience with PPIS 1 Childcare Centre. We were organized and had very open and flexible ideas. Our aim was to give the children confidence and to create wonderful memories with them. As a group, we danced together to create a lively atmosphere and to make the children feel comfortable and familiar with us. Then, we taught the children some English words and alphabets by making them trace the letters. This helped us build a strong bond with the children and to enjoy our time together.

However, we did face some challenges and difficulties: sharing a variety of cultures, doing more arts & crafts activities, and maintaining our energy levels. Additionally, since we had a short time with the children (as the rotation of children changes every week), it was difficult for us to plan new activities and to memorize their names. For these reasons, we do think we have to plan more activities related to Art & Craft and incorporate our diverse culture as well as to stay with the same group of children. 

For us, PPIS 1 Childcare Centre was "creative", "fun", and "stimulating". We all experienced ups, and indeed, we experienced downs. Sometimes it was tiring, but in the end, it was memorable and worthy. It was an amazing opportunity for us to meet children from PPIS 1 Childcare Centre, and we all want to thank each and every one of you who made our service successful.


31 Mar 2020
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