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Animation: Little Roses

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Animation: Little Roses

The inspiration for this piece stemmed from my service during my Project Week experience. I volunteered at Little Rose Warm Shelter for young girls in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, who work with girls who have been at risk or victims of sexual abuse and trafficking, and my time there really stuck with me. The girls there, despite what they'd been through, were all as happy as any other young girls, which came as such a surprise to our group.
Among the activities we did with them, skipping rope is what they loved most, so it's the scene I used to capture and recreate their innocence and youth as children. I used the stop motion animator Jeff Scher's colourful and light-hearted technique to show this side of the girls, the side we saw when playing with them.
On the other hand, I twisted his light strokes and colour scheme to reveal the heartbreakingly grotesque history each girl bore, something we all saw with each minute we spent with them.
To make the film, I used darker tones and heavy strokes of various media to trace 89 frames of a film of children jump roping, taking a photo of each frame and putting it together to make a short and looped stop motion animation.
Alice LeFrancq Frojd
Grade 11
Dover Campus


9 Jul 2016
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