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Akihiko Hoshide returns to UWCSEA

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Akihiko Hoshide returns to UWCSEA


JAXA astronaut and UWCSEA alumnus, Akihiko Hoshide '87, visited Dover and East Campus in May 2016 to talk to students and answer questions about his career in space. This was his first visit back to UWCSEA since his graduation, and he talked with children from all grade levels. Primary students enjoyed an informal session with Aki, as he answered their questions "Can you eat in your space suit?" and "Where do you land?"

Aki has completed three space walks during his two missions to the International Space Station (ISS). During a videolink call from the ISS to Dover Campus in 2012, he discussed how his time at UWCSEA had influenced him and his career, nothing (from space) that, "I see the world; I do not see borders" and this worldview is a reflection of his time at UWCSEA.


15 Jun 2016
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