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Adelaide 36ers train with East Dragons U19 boys basketball team

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Adelaide 36ers train with East Dragons U19 boys basketball team

On Wednesday, 20 September, the Adelaide 36ers, a professional basketball team of the National Basketball League in Australia, visited UWCSEA East and trained with the U19 boys basketball team ahead of competing (and winning) in international invitational Merlion Cup here in Singapore.

The head coach of the 36ers took us through some shooting drills while the players helped out. The drills were extremely relevant and helpful to our team as they were game realistic and related to our team’s play style. I think our whole team can agree it was pretty cool to get feedback on our execution of the drills from professional players and coaches.

Three members of the U19 team, Andre, David, and myself had the chance to join the Adelaide 36ers’ own training afterwards. It was a great experience to witness how a team of professional calibre trains. I was truly impressed and somewhat shocked with the level of intensity they held throughout their practice. The gym was never silent and the team was constantly talking no matter what drill they were doing. With the level of physicality and intensity the practice was run at, it was clear that they train exactly as if it was a game.

Overall it was a valuable learning experience that will stick with our team for a long time.


25 Sep 2017
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