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ACSIS Clean Sweep: Dragons swim their way to the top

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ACSIS Clean Sweep: Dragons swim their way to the top

Dragons retain High School ACSIS title for the 7th year 

By Nicolai Andersen, Grade 12, East Campus

On the morning of 9 November 2019, 40 Dragons attended the annual HS ACSIS meet. The team went to the Stamford American School this year looking to retain the boy’s title and reclaim the girl’s title. From the start, it was clear that it would be a hard battle for the title as the Dragons fell behind on points early on. But our dragons battled hard and managed to turn the tide as the depth of our team starting to show. The boy’s team scored many important victories in the second half of the meet and managed to pull clear of the competition. While the girls kept battle hard with fierce competition from SAS and Dover but managed to secure a huge win in the final relay to secure the win. When the dust settled, the Dragons came away with both the boys and girls titles making it seven consecutive years as overall champions. It was a brilliant effort from all swimmers considering the hard week of training leading up to the meet. 

On a personal note. As a senior, I am extremely proud of the effort each of my teammates put in and I could not have asked for any more. I am extremely thankful for this team and the coaches and cannot wait for the rest of the season.  


Middle School Dragons win ACSIS Boys and Girls titles 

Nea Martin, Grade 7, East Campus








The UWCSEA Dragons competed in the ACSIS Middle School meet at Nexus (and we can’t wait until we swim at their new campus!). Heading into the meet, the bar was set high as both girls and boys seniors took first place at Stamford a couple of weeks earlier. We went in with a very strong boys team and a determined girls team.

The first event was 200-meter freestyle and Kento was the first one to swim and as he touched the wall coming in first, setting the bar high for the rest of the day. This was followed by great races from all the “favourites” as well as the others who picked up many new PB’s and much-needed points for the team as the competition was fierce. We also got a couple of new meet records which helped us gain even more points and in the end, when they announced the winning boys and girls team, UWC Dragons were once again both girls and boys champions! 

We wouldn’t have won if we weren’t cheering and supporting our teammates as well as we did...that drum and horn sure make us swim faster! In the relay at the end, everyone was cheering at the top of their lungs because the relays would decide who
would have won and who didn’t. Proud to be a dragon swimmer!

2 Dec 2019
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