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The 2017 Community Fair

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The 2017 Community Fair




The Parents’ Association Dover placed ‘sustainability’ center stage in planning and hosting its biggest event of the year- the Community Fair. The focus of the Fair revolved around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: the 5P’s - Partnership, Planet, People, Peace and Prosperity:

Partnership - with students, parents, staff and our generous sponsors, supporting our efforts in creating awareness and raising funds for our Global Concerns. 

Planet: we provided a platform to showcase sustainable, ethical vendors. ‘Re-use’ stalls included ‘Common Threads’ selling nearly new clothing and the ever popular PACE book sale. Flavoured Water from drinking urns did a roaring trade, quenching thirsts without the sugar fix..Our ‘Zero Waste’ ambition is under way, with reusable drinking cups and crockery and cutlery.

People and Peace: the atmosphere was fantastic - friendly, buzzing and above all engaged in supporting the mission and values of the school.

Prosperity: in the pursuit of fun and community spirit, we raised over $80,000 for the numerous programmes and student/parent-led initiatives.

A huge thank you to the entire UWCSEA community and friends of Dover for making this happen!

17 Mar 2017
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