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100 solar panels installed!

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100 solar panels installed!

Over the summer, our student and alumni community came together to install 100 solar panels on the roof of the Arts Block - officially kickstarting the installation process for Phase 2 of the Solar for Dover initiative. 

Solar for Dover has truly made a difference in reducing the carbon footprint of the College. With 339 solar panels already installed on the Junior Sports Hall, the COavoidance from the solar panels has equaled to 30 tons, which corresponds to 5,091 litres of fuel oil, 7,576 kilograms of hard coal or 5 trips around the world in a compact car! To extract the same amount of COfrom the atmosphere, 2424 trees would need to be planted. 
This student-led initiative is a very real way for our community to be involved in creating a more sustainable future and enhancing the sustainability strategy at the College. With 185 panels funded through our generous community, we are still seeking support for the remaining 229 panels. 
Gifts to the College, through the UWCSEA Foundation, made this possible. For more information on Solar for Dover, please click here.
The UWCSEA Annual Fund is managed by UWCSEA Foundation. Gifts of any amount enhance the exceptional experience and high standards of UWCSEA.


2 Sep 2016
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