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Parents as Language Partners - a workshop by Eowyn Crisfield

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Workshop: Parents as Language Partners

Families raising their children with two or more languages either at home or through school are on a journey that is both exciting and challenging. All parents want the best for their children, including when it comes to languages. Ensuring the most successful language journey for your child requires understanding not only the “why” of bilingualism/multilingualism, but also the “how”.

This session will discuss the key elements of bilingual/multilingual development and help parents understand their role in their children’s bilingual development. Parents will also learn about family language planning, strategies for success and how to apply these to their own families, whether they use two, three or more languages.

About Eowyn Crisfield

Eowyn Crisfield is a Canadian-educated specialist (BA TEFL, MA Applied Linguistics) in teaching English as a second/foreign language, teacher-training and bilingualism. Since 2003, she has specialised in the area of parent and teacher education for bilingualism. Eowyn is an accredited educational consultant based in Oxford, and works with schools internationally. She is also a Senior Lecturer in TESOL at Oxford Brookes University.

More information on her work is available here.


Workshop Details

Trainer: Eowyn Crisfield

Who should attend: All parents interested in helping their children develop bilingually

When: Wednesday, 6 November 2019, 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Where: UWCSEA Dover Campus, Multi-Purpose Hall (includes light refreshments)

Workshop fees: Free





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