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Applications for August 2020

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Thank you for your interest in joining UWCSEA

Applications for the coming academic year commencing in August 2020 opened on 1 September 2019.

To check which grade your child would be applying for, please refer to the 2020/2021 academic year information on this age-grade chart

Important note for Infant School applicants: we have had exceptional demand for places to start in August 2020 in K2 and Grade 1. As a result, there are a large number of qualified applicants in the application pool for each grade, and so from 14 January 2020 we are no longer accepting applications for these grades on either campus for entry in August 2020. We are still accepting applications for these grades (except K2 on Dover) for January 2021 entry.

Looking for earlier entry? We are fully subscribed this year - more information is here.

The following admissions policies are very important:

  • all day students must reside with at least one parent who is living in Singapore and is present for at least 90% of each term. Students applying to Grade 8 and above must apply to the boarding house if neither parent will be residing in Singapore
  • our prevailing policy on applications for Singapore Citizens explains how the College aligns with Singapore Government regulations that require Singaporean Citizens to attend MOE schools, and the limited circumstances in which we accept applications from Singaporean Citizens applying to Grade 1 and above only
  • once a place is accepted, it is not possible to transfer campuses
  • ensure that you provide all information relating to your child's learning or that might impact your child's ability to progress in all elements of our learning programme

This timeline explains the key dates in our annual admissions cycle for entry in August 2020.

Applications can only be made via our online application system, click the button below to access the system. Our user guide to our online application system lists the documentation we ask you to include, and will guide you through the process.