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Grade expeditions

All students are involved in annual grade expeditions from Grade 1 and above; these are at an additional cost. These trips contribute to the learning objectives for each grade. The approximate costs for these trips are outlined on the fee schedule and are billed separately as the expeditions take place.

The Outdoor Education trip costs include coverage by International SOS and comprehensive travel insurance as well as travel (with reputable airlines who operate confirmed schedules to our destinations), accommodation and meals as outlined in each itinerary.

Field trips

Some field trips and events also ask for parent contributions to cover the cost of purchasing entry tickets, and to cover transport and/or material charges.

Some courses—such as IB Geography—require students to participate in a field trip in order to complete required coursework. These are also at additional cost; parents and students are advised of the requirement during subject selection. These trips are billed as they take place.


Primary School (K1-Grade 5)

Students in Kindergarten 1 to Grade 3 use iPads, while Grade 4 and 5 students are provided with a laptop, which they use in the classroom for the duration of the year. All devices used in the Primary School are provided by the school and are left at school every day.

Students in Grade 2–5 also regularly require access to a computer at home. All students engage in age-appropriate collaborative learning and homework tasks. Some homework is assigned, completed and submitted using online tools. Many of the online tools are accessed in the classroom at school and students then login to complete or extend their learning through homework.

Middle and High School (Grade 6 and up)

In Grades 6 and above families purchase laptops for their children to use, which they bring to school every day. In order to provide the best learning experience for students, these laptops must meet or exceed minimum specifications published by the College. 

Download information on the UWCSEA laptop ownership programme.


There is no additional cost for the majority of the lunch time and after school activities for students in Grade 2 and above. If we need to pass on the cost of specialist equipment, coaching or venue hire, these additional charges are advised at the time of sign up to an activity.

Students in the Infant School are offered a small number of activities each term, all of them at additional cost.

Other costs

The following additional costs are payable by parents:

  • provision of English as an Additional Language (EAL) support in the Primary and Middle School may be at an additional charge - please contact Admissions for details
  • provsion of Home Language programme outside of the curriculum - please contact Admissions for details
  • examination entrance fees for the (I)GCSE and the IB Diploma
  • annual Parents’ Association fee (per family)
  • some specialist equipment, such as required calculators for High School Mathematics courses
  • uniforms

Optional costs

  • bus service to and from school is provided by a contracted transport company. Coverage is good but not guaranteed; costs vary depending on distance - the 2019/2020 school year prices are on the following links: Dover Campus | East Campus
  • canteen—students in Grade 2 and above can purchase lunch from the canteen; this is typically between $4 and $8 per day. In the Primary School, meals are pre-ordered on a monthly basis
  • Instrumental Teaching Programme (music tuition) is available at an extra charge, as is instrument hire
  • optional trips—a wide range of trips are offered to the students during school holidays. Destinations may include Australia, New Zealand, China, Swaziland, Cambodia, Vietnam, Switzerland, Spain, India, Germany, the US and Nepal. Non-compulsory field courses for subjects such as art and languages, as well as music and sports tours, are also offered