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To download a full schedule of fees and payment information, please click the link below:

2018/2019 school year

2019/2020 school year

Fees are subject to annual review.

Enrolment fee 2018/2019

The enrolment fee of $3,210 is payable on acceptance of an offered place. This is a one-off fee per successful application. Once paid, it is non-refundable.

Application fees 2019/2020

Each application must be accompanied by the non-refundable application fee. The fee depends upon the type of application you are submitting:

  • single campus application as a day student: S$615
  • ‘dual campus’ application (to join either campus) as a day student: S$1230
  • an application to join either campus as a boarder: S$825

If you are applying for a boarding place, the application fee should be paid once and covers an application to board at both campuses. If you are interested in placement at either the Dover or East Campus, but not both, you can indicate that in your application, however there is no single campus rate. Boarding is available from Grade 8.

Enrolment fee 2019/2020

The enrolment fee of $4,900 is payable on acceptance of an offered place. This is a one-off fee per successful application. Once paid, it is non-refundable.

Billing cycle

Tuition fees and the development levy are invoiced for each of the three terms in an academic year, and are collected one term in advance.

To confirm a place, families are asked to pay the term fees for the academic term in which their child will join the College at the time of accepting the place. As we bill one term in advance (in lieu of collecting deposits) new families are likely to be billed for the second term of fees prior to commencement at the College.

Expeditions, field trips, examination fees and other one-off costs such as paid activities are billed separately at the time charges are incurred.

Fee payment schedule 2019/2020

Tuition period Invoice sent Payment due Withdrawal deadline*
Term 1 2019/2020 18 February 2019 15 March 2019 15 April 2019
Term 2 2019/2020 19 June 2019 19 August 2019 20 September 2019
Term 3 2019/2020 8 November 2019 9 December 2019 24 January 2020
Term 1 2020/2021 17 February 2020 13 March 2020 13 April 2020

*Important notice: The withdrawal deadline is the date by which:

(1) payment must be received to secure continued enrolment into the invoiced term; 

(2) written notice of withdrawal must be received by Admissions to secure a refund of fees already paid