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1. Can individuals subscribe for places through the Nominee Programme?
  • No, only corporations are eligible to subscribe.
2. Does UNP apply to both campuses?
  • Corporations can subscribe for places at either the Dover Campus or the East Campus or both.
3. Can a UNP place purchased for Dover Campus be transferred to East Campus, or vice versa?
  • UNP places are not transferable between campuses.
4. Can a child apply through the normal admission process and be nominated through the UNP in the same academic year?
  • No, applications can only be made through either the normal admission process or the UNP but not both for any given academic year.
  • If a child applies through the normal admission process and is not offered a place at the College, then the child is eligible to be nominated through the UNP in the next academic year, provided they meet the entry criteria.
5. Are the children that are nominated through UNP subject to any entrance criteria?
  • Yes, Nominees must meet UWCSEA’s Admissions Policy, including but not limited to entrance criteria applicable at the time of nominating.
6. What happens if the nominated child does not meet the entry criteria? Does our corporation still have to subscribe to the UNP?
  • The Admissions Department will pre-screen all potential UNP Nominees to ensure that the student meets the College’s entry criteria.
  • If the potential UNP Nominee does not meet the entry criteria of the College, corporations are not obligated to commit to a UNP subscription.
7. What are the advantages for corporations in subscribing to UNP?
  • Corporations that subscribe to the UNP are able to offer key personnel relocating to Singapore places at one of Singapore’s best international schools for their children.
8. Can children be nominated via UNP to every grade?
  • IUWCSEA does not offer any UNP places in Kindergarten 2 at Dover Campus.
  • No direct entry is available into IGCSE Grade 10 or to Grade 12, as they are the second year of a two-year course.
9. Are there any restrictions on the number of UNP places at each campus?
  • A limited number of UNP places are available in each grade, excluding Kindergarten 2 at Dover Campus, for children nominated through the programme, each academic year.
  • The number of available places for UNP Nominees is capped at a maximum of 10% of intake, at each campus, in any given academic year.
10. Is it possible to find out which corporations have subscribed?
  • The list of UNP subscribers is confidential.
  • If you are interested in finding out whether your corporation subscribes, please contact your HR Department. We are happy to provide additional information about the UNP which you can share with your employer.
11. Does UNP have a deadline?
  • Corporations must apply to nominate a student for K1 - Grade 8 pre-screening by 1 April for admission in the following August. For Grade 9, Grade 10 FIB and Grade 11 entry, nominations must be made by 31 January to allow for on-campus testing and interviews.
12. Is placement through the UNP for K1 - Grade 8 still an option if we have missed the 1 April deadline?
  • Corporations can apply to nominate a student for K1 - Grade 8 pre-screening after 1 April, however after this date children that meet the entry criteria will be placed at the top of the application roll for their relevant grade.
  • After 1 April, children that qualify for K1 - Grade 8 are only eligible for leaver places and will only be offered a place as and when one becomes available.
  • The UNP subscription must be paid in full before a Nominee is placed on the application roll. The position on the application roll will be determined by the date the Nominees complete application is received and the UNP subscription has been fully paid.
  • The College can place Nominees, up to and including the start of Term 2 (January entry), for Grade 8 and below, as and when late leaver places become available. However, new Nominees for Grades 9 and above will only be accepted for the August intake to start at the beginning of each academic year.
13. What happens if a corporate subscriber’s place becomes vacant (i.e., a Nominee leaves UWCSEA)?
  • The corporate subscriber can nominate another employee’s child provided the UNP subscription for that place has not expired.
14. What happens if a corporate subscriber’s place becomes vacant and the corporate subscriber is unable to nominate another employee’s child until several years later?
  • The UNP place is valid for eight years of continuous use. However, if the corporate subscriber is unable to fill the vacated place immediately, then the breaks in use will not be counted. In this instance the place will expire after 12 academic years.
  • A place that is used for less than an academic year will be considered as a full year of utilisation.
15. What happens to the S$10,000 UNP Subscription Deposit?
  • The UNP Subscription Deposit will be deducted from the final invoice for successful subscriptions or forfeited if the prospective subscriber withdraws the subscription. If the withdrawal is due to the potential nominee not meeting the entrance criteria of the College, the Subscription Deposit will be refunded in full.
16. Will I be able to receive a refund for my UNP subscription if it is not used for the full duration?
  • UNP places cannot be traded, and are non-refundable or transferable.
17. What happens to the funds that are generated through the UNP?
  • The funds from the UNP have enabled UWCSEA to initiate a number of programmes including: being able to significantly increase the number of scholarships; to contribute to the building of the new East Campus; to provide teaching staff with outstanding professional development opportunities and to start building an endowment fund.

How do I get more information?

Contact Jon Parr, Director of Corporate Relations